Police Excessive Force, False Arrest, and Self-Defense Expert Witness

Professor Gregory Gilbertson consults with criminal defense and civil rights attorneys as an expert witness in police excessive force, false arrest, officer misconduct, and self-defense casework. In a recent federal civil right trial – Moises E. Ponce Alvarez v. King County (Sheriff’s Office), the presiding U.S. District Court judge for the Western District of Washington entered the following ruling to defendant’s Motion in Limine to exclude Professor Gilbertson’s testimony:

“…Plaintiff has submitted a list of Mr. Gilbertson’s qualifications, which demonstrate extensive experience in policing…Mr. Gilbertson’s experience includes work as a police officer in Georgia…including assignments as a “SWAT team officer, superior court investigator, school resource officer, (stakeout) squad officer, senior patrolman, and patrolman.”…After his law enforcement career, Mr. Gilbertson went on to become a college professor—where he taught courses on criminal justice — and a private investigator, “conducting pretrial investigations for attorneys throughout Washington State in hundreds of criminal cases.”…The Court finds that, based on his experience, Mr. Gilbertson’s testimony can be expected to have “a reliable basis in the knowledge and experience of police practices.…Therefore, the Court DENIES Defendants’ motion.” 07/27/17

Professor Gilbertson has owned and operated Gilbertson Investigations – a licensed, bonded, and insured private investigations agency for 16 years.  Greg and his team of Experts are focused on assisting criminal defense and civil rights attorneys nationwide with excessive force, false arrest, officer misconduct, and self-defense casework. In just four years Gilbertson Investigations has provided expert analysis on nearly 70  cases in 14 states. Greg has personally completed over two-dozen depositions and testified in both several state and federal courts as an expert witness.

Greg began his career as a Distinguished Military Graduate of the U.S. Army Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Georgia. He then served as a commissioned officer of infantry soldiers. He later became a police officer with the cities Atlanta and La Grange, Georgia. In Atlanta he served as a Zone 3 police patrolman. In La Grange he served as a senior police officer (Corporal), SWAT Team member, juvenile court investigator, and school resource officer. Duty related injuries and two major surgeries prematurely ended his law enforcement career.

Greg then became a tenured Criminal Justice professor at Centralia College. The criminal justice program he designed, developed, and currently directs was recently ranked in the “Top 10” of all [online] criminal justice programs in the United States by BestColleges.com.  Professor Gilbertson is most proud of the fact that under his leadership Centralia College is the only community college or university approved by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities to award Washington State police officers, deputy sheriffs, and state troopers 45 college credits for their academy training and law enforcement experience. 

The origins of Greg’s expert witness casework can be traced to his service as an International Police Trainer in Iraq and Afghanistan. The U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Defense has twice designated him a Subject Matter Expert in police practices and procedures. He has twice deployed to active war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan and served with NATO forces as an International Police Trainer. During these deployments, Greg helped train Iraqi and Afghan national police officers in Baghdad and Kabul for over two years. His experience as police officer, college professor, private investigator, and international police trainer affords Greg the ability to explain complex concepts and issues to jurors in a manner they can easily understand.

An evolving demand for expert witnesses by civil rights and criminal defense attorneys prompted Greg to recently expand his agency practice. He now partners with colleagues nationwide in a number of related fields, to include:

  • Law Enforcement TrainingJansen S. Cheek
  • Legal Research & ConsultingJudge Nelson Hunt (Ret.)
  • Information Technology & Artificial IntelligenceSamuel Small
  • Employment Law & Wrongful TerminationsJean Jorgensen, J.D.
  • Medicolegal Death InvestigationsCoroner & Professor Warren McLeod
  • Cold-Case Homicides, Interview & Deposition AnalysisD. Glenn Foster
  • Federal Cases, Interview & Deposition Analysis – Special Agent Chris Holland (Ret.)

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If your client has been victimized by acts of police excessive force, false arrest, or officer misconduct by a local, state or federal law enforcement officer, or if they’ve acted in self-defense in a violent encounter, call Gilbertson Investigations. Their insight, knowledge, and experience has helped many attorneys achieve positive outcomes for clients, and they can help you too.

“All that is necessary for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke