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The owner and CEO of Gilbertson Investigations is Professor Gregory Gilbertson, a tenured criminal justice professor with nearly three decades of law enforcement, teaching, expert witness, international police training, and private investigations experience. He provides attorneys with insightful analysis, reports, and trial testimony regarding excessive force, police misconduct, false arrest, and other civil rights violations. Professor Gilbertson is also skilled in criminal and civil casework regarding self-defense.

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Here at Gilbertson Investigations, we offer a wide range of services. Let us review the facts and circumstances of your case and determine how we might best assist you and your client. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Moral authority matters in the courtroom. It matters a lot. Professor Gregory Gilbertson has earned the respect of judges, juries, and attorneys alike for his nearly three decades of service as a police officer, college professor, private investigator, Guardian ad Litem, international police trainer, and expert witness. In recent years Professor Gilbertson has become a recognized authority on police standards and practices, police misconduct, excessive force, and self-defense casework. He has collaborated with nearly 40 attorneys and law firms in 12 states on civil and criminal matters.

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Many police officers and prosecuting attorneys do not support an individual's right to self-defense. They believe individuals should rely upon police to safeguard them from stalkers, thugs, gang members, and other criminals who threaten them or...

Search & Seizure

It must be recognized that a small percentage of law enforcement officers do not perform their duties and responsibilities in a manner consistent with their education, training, and oath of office. These officers are not above the law and must be...

Police Misconduct

Police misconduct can take many forms and include a wide variety of wrongful actions which include falsifying police reports, failing to advise suspects of their Miranda Warning, racial profiling, hate speech, sexual harassment, and abuse of...

False Arrest

Police officers are required to have "Reasonable Suspicion" to stop, detain, and investigate an individual for a crime.  Police officers must further develop their suspicion to "Probable Cause" to make a lawful...

Excessive Force

The use of excessive force by police officers is one of the most troubling issues facing our society today.  It seems like almost every day another video or news story surfaces showing a questionable police shooting or troubling use of chemical...

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Professor Gilbertson has consulted with nearly 40 attorneys and law firms on expert cases in 14 states over the past three years with those numbers constantly growing. We offer our expertise and knowledge nationwide.

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At Gilbertson Investigations, we pride ourselves on happy clients. Here are but a few of their testimonials.

“As a polygraph examiner for 19 years, I have always received accurate information from Gilbertson Investigations. Greg’s relentless attention to detail has proven invaluable to my practice.”

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Professor Gilbertson is available for expert witness casework anywhere in the United States. His experience, insight, knowledge, and analytical ability has helped dozens of attorneys and clients achieve positive outcomes for their clients, and he can help you too.

Professor Gregory GilbertsonCEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing on this page is legal advice.  Only an attorney can give you legal advice. 

I am not an attorney and therefore none of my writings or opinions are, or should be considered legal advice.  My writings and opinions are solely based upon my own academic study and life experience as a police officer, private investigator, expert witness, and tenured college professor.  If you are currently involved in a criminal or civil action, you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

What does the Miranda Warning really mean, and why is it important to me?

The Miranda Warning is a brief, but very important advisement of your constitutional rights under the 5th and 6th Amendments.  Typically, individuals are advised of their Miranda Warning at the time of their arrest, but not always.  Sometimes police officers never advise a suspect in custody of their Miranda Warning, even though they are clearly under arrest.  A police officer is only required to advise you of the Miranda Warning if they intend to question you in custody after placing you under arrest.