July 1, 2016


A Premiere Expert Witness & Private Investigations Agency

Gilbertson Investigations is the premiere private investigations agency specializing in expert witness and criminal defense casework. The owner and CEO is Professor Gregory Gilbertson. Professor Gilbertson provides innovative and insightful solutions to clients with police misconduct, excessive force, false arrest, search and seizure, self-defense, … [Read More...]


Expert Witness – Police Misconduct, Excessive Force, False Arrest, Search & Seizure & Self-Defense

Moral authority matters in the courtroom. Professor Gregory Gilbertson has earned the respect of judges, juries, and attorneys alike for his lifetime of public service as a police officer, college professor, and international police trainer. As a nationally recognized expert in police standards and practices, Professor Gilbertson has consulted with … [Read More...]

Professor Gregory Gilbertson

Criminal Defense

Being accused of a crime is one of the most troubling events anyone can ever experience. Criminal charges can lead to prison, unemployment, bankruptcy, disparaged reputations, divorce, and forfeiture of parental rights.  For the past 14 years Gilbertson Investigations has achieved positive outcomes for hundreds of clients charged with crimes they … [Read More...]