“We used Greg as an expert witness in a criminal trial where self-defense was the primary issue. He was accessible, prompt, and thorough. Greg explained “use of force” and “self-defense” in a manner the jury easily understood. HIs testimony was an integral factor in achieving a not guilty verdict.” Michael Blanchard, Attorney at Law, New London, CT


“Greg Gilbertson’s job performance over the past year has been superb. His professional demeanor and mature sense of duty has endeared him to his Afghan counterparts. He has quickly become the subject matter expert for police training, and reached far beyond requirements to improve curriculum and academy facilities. Greg’s care for the cadets is clear when you watch him work with them. They look up to him and follow his lead instinctively. In short, Greg Gilbertson is precisely the type of great mentor we need to keep on this contract. He has served faithfully and well during this year. Should he decide to return, he should be welcomed with open arms.”  Scott Walker, Evaluating Supervisor, M.P.R.I., Kabul, Afghanistan

“Greg is the professor every student wants to take classes from, and every administrator wants to have on their team. In the classroom Greg is dynamic, providing real-life examples of Criminal Justice content. As his Campus Dean I value his efforts as a mentor to keep students on track and engaged in their education.”  Dr. Margo M Deegan, Ph.D.

“I have worked with Greg Gilbertson and I’m very impressed with his skills and abilities. His background and experience uniquely qualifies him to assist attorneys.” Bruce Finlay, Attorney at Law, Shelton, WA

“I had the pleasure of serving as Greg Gilbertson’s supervisor for nine years as Dean of Workforce Education at Centralia College. Under Greg’s leadership the program grew from modest enrollments to over 80 full-time students every quarter. This was due to his extraordinary ability to recruit and retain students by engaging them in a positive manner at all times. Students were enthralled by what took place in the classroom. I highly recommend Greg Gilbertson as the finest criminal justice instructor you will find.”  Steve Miller, Executive Dean, North Seattle Community College, Seattle, WA  

“Greg does a phenomenal job of interviewing witnesses. His insights into complex issues help shape my cases for trial. Greg is the most tenacious, knowledgeable, and hard-working private investigator I have ever known.”  James Gazori, Attorney at Law, Shelton, WA

“As a polygraph examiner for 19 years, I have always received accurate information from Gilbertson Investigations. Greg’s relentless attention to detail has proven invaluable to my practice.”  Richard Smith, Olympic Polygraph, Tacoma, WA

“My family and I were faced with a complex and baffling situation. Greg listened to my story and agreed to conduct an inquiry. Within 24 hours Greg had impressive information. I strongly recommend Gilbertson Investigations.” Dr. Warrene Williams, Ph.D., Ashville, North Carolina