Being charged with a crime is one of the most troubling events anyone can experience. Criminal charges can lead to unemployment, bankruptcy, ruined reputations, divorce, and even prison. For the past 15 years, Professor Gregory Gilbertson has collaborated with dozens of attorneys and law firms regarding clients facing criminal charges throughout the United States.

Professor Gregory Gilbertson is an aggressive private investigator who specializes in interviewing witnesses and police officers. He knows when individuals are exaggerating their statements, misrepresenting the truth, or simply lying. Professor Gilbertson holds nothing back when drilling down on the facts and circumstances of every case.

Professor Gilbertson has nearly three decades of “boots on the ground” experience as a criminal justice professor, police officer, private investigator, expert witness, and international police trainer. He is the only college or university professor who twice deployed as an international police trainer in Afghanistan and Iraq during time of war. His lifetime of service has earned Professor Gilbertson a unique brand of moral authority with judges, juries, and attorneys alike.  Simply stated, no other private investigator has the education, training, and life experience that Professor Gregory Gilbertson brings to every case.

While Professor Gilbertson has consulted as a private investigator on hundreds of criminal cases in Washington State, and as an expert witness with nearly 50 individual law firms and attorneys in 14 states, he does not accept every case. Professor Gilbertson carefully evaluates the facts and circumstances of every case with counsel before accepting or declining work. Professor Gilbertson does not accept non-attorney clients unless or until they are represented by a lawyer.

If you’re an attorney or client facing serious criminal charges, call Professor Gilbertson at (360) 237-4247, or email him at His experience, insights, knowledge, and analytical ability has helped dozens of attorneys and clients achieve positive outcomes, and he can help you too.