“We used Greg as an expert witness in a criminal trial where self-defense was the primary issue. Greg was accessible, prompt, and thorough. He explained “use of force” and “self-defense” in a manner the jury easily understood. Greg’s testimony was an integral factor in achieving a not guilty verdict.” Michael Blanchard, Attorney at Law, New London, CT

Moral authority matters in the courtroom. It matters a lot. Professor Gregory Gilbertson has earned the respect of judges, juries, and attorneys alike for his nearly three decades of service as a police officer, college professor, private investigator, Guardian ad Litem, international police trainer, and expert witness. In recent years Professor Gilbertson has become a recognized authority on police standards and practices, police misconduct, excessive force, and self-defense casework. He has collaborated with nearly 40 attorneys and law firms in 14 states on civil and criminal matters.

In addition, Professor Gilbertson is a frequent contributor to NewsmaxTV,, Gannet Newspapers, “Celebrity Court”, the Associated Press, and various other news outlets and publications throughout the United States. Please see the “Media” page of this website for a comprehensive listing of Professor Gilbertson’s media commentary.

Furthermore, Professor Gregory Gilbertson is the only college professor who twice volunteered for deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a subject matter expert and international police trainer for the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Defense contracts, both deployments required Professor Gilbertson to live and work with NATO forces in active war zones while working with Iraqi and Afghan police officers. His operational areas were attacked by insurgents and terrorists with firearms, car bombs, rockets, and mortars almost every day.

Professor Gilbertson holds a Master’s degree in Justice Administration from Columbus State University and a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Washington. He served as a police officer with the cities of Atlanta and LaGrange, Georgia. Professor Gilbertson’s duty assignments included S.W.A.T., senior patrolman, stakeout squad officer, superior court investigator and school resource officer. No other expert witness has the education, training, and experience Professor Gilbertson brings to every case.

Professor Gilbertson has consulted with the 50 law firms and attorneys in 14 states as an expert witness and private investigator:

James Bible, J.D., Bellevue, WA – Excessive Force

Jean Jorgensen, J.D., Renton, WA – Wrongful Termination

Nancy Mattson, J.D., Seattle, WA – Criminal Defense

Damien Mendez, J.D., Seattle, WA – Excessive Force

Judge Beverly Grant (Ret.), J.D., University Place, WA – Wrongful Termination

Jeff Kallis, J.D., Bainbridge Island, WA – Excessive Force

Susan Machler, J.D., Seattle, WA – Excessive Force

Jeffrey Granich, J.D., Chicago, IL – Excessive Force

Michael Kelly, J.D., Des Moines, WA – Excessive Force

Mark Olson, J.D., Seattle, WA – False Arrest

Spencer Freeman, J.D., Tacoma, WA – Criminal Defense (Self-defense)

Leah Alteras, J.D., Seattle, WA – Excessive Force

Jesse Froehling J.D. & Antoni Froehling, J.D. Puyallup, WA – Excessive Force

Micol Sirkin, J.D., Seattle, WA – Criminal Defense

James Locus, J.D., Fayetteville, NC – Excessive Force

Sumeer Singla, J.D., Seattle, WA – Excessive Force

Spencer Bryan, J.D., Tulsa, OK – Excessive Force

Victor Torres, J.D., Auburn, WA – Excessive Force

James White, J.D., Seattle, WA – Excessive Force

Coy Brewer, J.D., Fayetteville, NC – Excessive Force

Casey Garrett, J.D., Houston, TX & Jonny McCoy, J.D., Myrtle Beach, SC – Personal Injury

Eric Ratinoff, J.D., Sacramento, CA – Police Misconduct

Dan Shapiro, J.D., Los Angeles, CA – Police Misconduct

Jeff Adachi, J.D., San Francisco, CA – Excessive Force

Cynthia McDonald, J.D., Tacoma, WA – Criminal Defense

Nigel Malden, J.D., Tacoma, WA – Excessive Force

James Gazori, J.D., Shelton, WA – Criminal Defense

Stephen Pidgeon, J.D., Everett, WA – False Arrest & Excessive Force

Walter Peale, J.D., Shoreline, WA – False Arrest & Excessive Force

John Bonin, J.D., Shelton, WA – Wrongful Termination

Philip Abromats, J.D. & Letitia Abromats, J.D., Greybull, WY – False Arrest & Excessive Force

Michael Blanchard, J.D. & Bryan Fiengo, J.D., New London, CT – Criminal Defense (Self-defense)

Thomas Olmstead, J.D., Poulsbo, WA – Excessive Force

Gary Preble, J.D., Olympia, WA – Excessive Force, False Arrest, & Illegal Search & Seizure

James Lyle, J.D., Albuquerque, NM – False Arrest & Excessive Force

Philip Mahoney, J.D., Seattle, WA – Excessive Force

Michael Reiter, J.D., Redlands, CA – Excessive Force

Bruce Finlay, J.D., Shelton, WA – Criminal Defense

Stephen Houze, J.D., Portland, OR – Criminal Defense

Vicki Hutchinson, J.D., New Fairfield, CT – Criminal Defense (Self-defense)

Stephanie Cooper, J.D., Las Vegas, NV – False Arrest & Abuse of Authority

Vance Countryman, J.D., Lander, WY – Criminal Defense (Self-defense)

Allen Rogers, J.D., Fayetteville, NC – Excessive Force

Eric Fong,  Port Orchard, WA – Excessive Force

Matthew Sanders, J.D., Seattle, WA – Criminal Defense (Self-defense)

Joshua Andrews, J.D., Seattle, WA – Excessive Force

Ken Countryman, J.D., Phoenix, AZ – Criminal Defense (Self-defense)

While Professor Gregory Gilbertson values all requests for expert witness or criminal defense work, he does not accept every case. Professor Gilbertson reviews all of the facts and circumstances surrounding each case with counsel before accepting or declining work. Furthermore, Professor Gilbertson does not accept non-attorney clients unless or until they are represented by counsel.

If you’re an attorney or client facing criminal charges or in need of expert analysis regarding police misconduct, excessive force, illegal search and seizure, false arrest, or self-defense, call Professor Gilbertson at (360) 237-4247, or email him at His experience, insights, knowledge, and analytical ability has helped dozens of attorneys achieve positive outcomes for their clients, and he can help you too.