“We used Greg as an expert witness in a criminal trial where self-defense was the primary issue. Greg was accessible, prompt, and thorough. He explained “use of force” and “self-defense” in a manner the jury easily understood. Greg’s testimony was an integral factor in achieving a not guilty verdict.” Michael Blanchard, Attorney at Law, New London, CT

Gilbertson Investigations has consulted with civil rights and criminal defense attorneys as an expert witness in 14 states on over 60 cases in just four years. They have provided analysis and opinions on excessive force, police misconduct, false arrest, police pursuits, self-defense, and wrongful terminations in both state and federal courts.

While Gilbertson Investigations values all requests for expert witness analysis, they do not accept every case. The facts and circumstances surrounding each case will be reviewed with counsel before accepting or declining work. Furthermore, Gilbertson Investigations does not accept non-attorney clients unless they are represented by counsel. If you’re an attorney in need of an expert, call Gilbertson Investigations.  They have helped dozens of attorneys achieve positive outcomes for their clients, and they can help you too.

Gilbertson Investigations has consulted with the the following attorneys on expert witness casework:

1. Monte Bersante, Tacoma, WA – Excessive Force

2. Sunni Ko, J.D., Olympia, WA – Excessive Force

3. Stephen McKay, Coupeville, WA – Self-Defense

4. Sandro Parotta, Seattle, WA – False Arrest

5. Shad McOmber, Tacoma, WA – Police Misconduct

6. James Corning, Seattle, WA – Self-Defense

7. Christopher Constantine, Tacoma, WA – False Arrest

8. Glen Carpenter, Lakewood, WA – Excessive Force

9. Darryl Parker, Seattle, WA – False Arrest

10. Patrick Trudell, Seattle, WA – Excessive Force

11. James Bible, Bellevue, WA – Excessive Force

12. Jean Jorgensen, Renton, WA – Wrongful Termination

13. Nancy Mattson, Seattle, WA – Criminal Defense

14. Damien Mendez, Seattle, WA – Excessive Force

15. Beverly Grant, University Place, WA – Wrongful Termination & False Arrest

16. Jeff Kallis, Bainbridge Island, WA – Excessive Force

17. Susan Machler, Seattle, WA – Excessive Force & Police Pursuits

18. Jeffrey Granich, Chicago, IL – Excessive Force

19. Michael Kelly, Des Moines, WA – Excessive Force

20. Mark Olson, Seattle, WA – False Arrest

21. Spencer Freeman, Tacoma, WA – Self-Defense

22. Leah Alteras, Seattle, WA – Excessive Force

23. Jesse Froehling, Puyallup, WA – Excessive Force

24. Micol Sirkin, Seattle, WA – Criminal Defense

25. James Locus, Fayetteville, NC – Excessive Force

26. Sumeer Singla, Seattle, WA – Excessive Force

27. Spencer Bryan, Tulsa, OK – Excessive Force

28. Victor Torres, Auburn, WA – Excessive Force

29. James White, Seattle, WA – Excessive Force

30. Coy Brewer, Fayetteville, NC – Excessive Force

31. Casey Garrett, Houston, TX – Police Misconduct

32. Jonny McCoy, Myrtle Beach, SC – Police Misconduct

33. Eric Ratinoff, Sacramento, CA – Police Misconduct

34. Dan Shapiro, Los Angeles, CA – Police Misconduct

35. Jeff Adachi, San Francisco, CA – Excessive Force

36. Cynthia McDonald, Tacoma, WA – Criminal Defense

37. Nigel Malden, Tacoma, WA – Excessive Force

38. James Gazori, Shelton, WA – Criminal Defense

39. Stephen Pidgeon, Everett, WA – Excessive Force & Criminal Defense

40. Walter Peale, Shoreline, WA – Excessive Force

41. John Bonin, Shelton, WA – Wrongful Termination

42. Philip Abromats, Greybull, WY – False Arrest

43. Michael Blanchard, New London, CT – Self-Defense

44. Thomas Olmstead, Poulsbo, WA – Excessive Force & Police Pursuits

45. Gary Preble, Olympia, WA – Excessive Force & False Arrest

46. James Lyle, Albuquerque, NM – Excessive Force

47. Philip Mahoney, Seattle, WA – Excessive Force

48. Michael Reiter, Redlands, CA – Excessive Force

49. Bruce Finlay, Shelton, WA – Criminal Defense

50. Stephen Houze, Portland, OR – Criminal Defense

51. Vicki Hutchinson, New Fairfield, CT – Self-Defense

52. Stephanie Cooper, Las Vegas, NV – False Arrest

53. Vance Countryman, Lander, WY – Self-Defense

54. Allen Rogers, Fayetteville, NC – Excessive Force

55. Eric Fong,  Port Orchard, WA – Excessive Force & False Arrest

56. Matthew Sanders, Seattle, WA – Self-Defense

57. Joshua Andrews, Seattle, WA – Excessive Force

58. Ken Countryman, Phoenix, AZ – Self-Defense

59. Bryan Fiengo, New London, CT – Self-Defense

60. Tim Greene, Tacoma, WA – Criminal Defense

“All that is necessary for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing.”  Edmund Burke 

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