• Has your client been stopped by police for moving violation and their car was searched without a warrant?
  • Has your client been stopped by police and they were searched for weapons or drugs without a warrant?
  • Has your client’s home, property, luggage, or business been searched by police without a warrant?

Search-and-SeizureIf you answered yes to any of these questions, then your client’s rights “to be secure in their persons, houses papers, and effects” under the 4th Amendment may have been violated.

The vast majority of all local, state, and federal law enforcement officers are good, honorable, and trustworthy public servants.  They have earned and deserve or gratitude and respect. These brave men and women have dedicated their lives to safeguarding our communities and nation. Police officers, deputy sheriffs, state troopers, and federal agents are personally responsible for countless compassionate, selfless, and courageous acts every day.

However, it must also be recognized that a small percentage of law enforcement officers do not perform their duties and responsibilities in a manner consistent with their education, training, and oath of office. These officers are not above the law and must be held accountable for their actions. Working with attorneys, Professor Gregory Gilbertson is committed to pursuing this important work on behalf of individuals that have been victimized by illegal search and seizure.

While Professor Gilbertson has consulted with nearly 50 attorneys and law firms in 14 states, he does not accept every case. He carefully evaluates the facts and circumstances of every case with counsel before accepting or declining work.  In addition, Professor Gilbertson does not accept non-attorney clients unless or until they are represented by a lawyer.

If you’re an attorney or client with an illegal search and seizure claim, call Professor Gilbertson at (360) 237-4247, or email him at gilbertson_investigations@reagan.com. His experience, insight, knowledge, and analytical ability has helped dozens of attorneys and clients achieve positive outcomes, and he can help you too.