Moral authority matters in the courtroom. It matters a lot. Professor Gregory Gilbertson has earned the respect of judges, jurors, and attorneys alike for his decades of public service.  Greg is a tenured criminal justice professor and expert witness in police practices and procedures. He specializes in excessive force, false arrest, and police misconduct. He has 20 years of college and university teaching experience. In just four (4) years he has consulted on nearly 60 cases with law firms and attorneys in 14 states. He has also served as Tactical Police Officer (SWAT), International Police Trainer, Guardian ad Litem, School District Security Officer, and Private Investigator specializing in criminal defense casework.

As an International Police Trainer, Greg served two (2) years in Kabul, Afghanistan and Baghdad and Basrah, Iraq. He lived and worked side-by-side with NATO military forces in these war zones. His operational areas were attacked by insurgents and terrorists with firearms, car bombs, rockets, and mortars almost every day. In Kabul he was the Senior Mentor and NATO Liaison to the Commander of the Afghan National Police Academy. The Afghan National Police Academy was comprised of 65 walled acres of classroom buildings, offices, dining facilities, and dormitories housing 2500 cadets and 500 faculty and staff. In this role he was directly responsible for assisting the academy commander, an Afghan National Police Lieutenant General, in all aspects of academy operations. He also secured 50 million dollars for academy renovation projects.

In Iraq Greg initially led a team of academic specialists charged with writing a democratic policing curriculum for the Baghdad Police College. Upon completion of this project, he served as Deputy Director of the United Kingdom’s Basrah Training Academy for 500 Iraqi police cadets. In Afghanistan and Iraq Greg designated a Subject Matter Expert in police practices by the US Department of Defense and US Department of Justice.

As an Atlanta and La Grange (GA) police officer, Greg served on a SWAT Team for nearly five (5) years. He also served as a superior court investigator, school resource officer, stakeout squad officer, senior patrolman (Corporal), and police patrolman. During his tenure with the La Grange Police Department, Greg accrued nearly 3000 hours of tactical training and operational police experience. He also completed the following law enforcement courses:

  • Atlanta Police Academy (720 hours – 93% academic average)
  • V.I.P. Executive Protection, Georgia Public Safety Training Center
  • S.W.A.T. Tactical Certification, Georgia Public Safety Training Center
  • U.S. Army Military Police S.W.A.T. School, Fort McClellan, AL
  • S.W.A.T. Sub-machine Gun, Georgia Public Safety Training Center
  • Police Tactical Rifle, Georgia Public Safety Training Center
  • Police Tactical Shotgun, Georgia Public Safety Training Center
  • Criminal Procedures, Georgia Public Safety Training Center
  • Advanced Interviews & Interrogations I & II, Columbus State University

Duty-related injuries and two major surgeries ended Greg’s law enforcement career. In addition to his “boots on the ground” experience, Greg holds a Master’s degree in Justice Administration from Columbus State University and a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Washington. Prior to entering police work, Greg served in the US Army as a commissioned and non-commissioned officer of infantry soldiers. He is a Distinguished Military Graduate of the US Army Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Greg is presently a member of the following organizations:

  • International Association of Chiefs of Police (Academic Member)
  • Washington Association of Legal Investigators (Associate Member)
  • Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (Member)

Greg resides in Olympia, Washington with his lovely wife Julie. He is available for expert witness casework anywhere in the United States. He has testified as an expert witness in police practices in US District Court for the Western District of Washington in two excessive force trials. He has also testified in a number of felony trials in Washington, Kansas, and Connecticut superior courts. He has been deposed on 15 occasions by opposing counsel in Washington, California, Illinois, North Carolina, and Wyoming.

If you’re an attorney in need of an expert witness, call Greg at (360) 237-4247, or email him at gilbertson He has helped many attorneys achieve positive outcomes for their clients, and he can help you too.

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