Christopher Holland – FBI Supervisory Special Agent (Ret.) & Law Enforcement Trainer

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Supervisory Special Agent Chris Holland retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation with over 25 years of state and federal law enforcement service and experience. As an FBI Special Agent, Chris conducted numerous investigations into bank robbery, kidnapping, home invasion, crimes against children, and narcotics trafficking. He led a multi-agency task force targeting Cocaine trafficking on the Eastern Seaboard and a major heroin trafficking organization in Chicago. He is also highly skilled and experienced in electronic surveillance and SWAT tactical operations. Additionally, Chris is a recognized expert witness in the sexual exploitation of children. He has testified in both state and federal courts on these matters.

After retiring from the FBI, Chris served for five years as an International Police Trainer, Mentor, and Advisor in Afghanistan and Liberia. He served 12 months as a civilian Special Advisor to 82nd Airborne Division in Kandahar, Afghanistan. In this role he investigated and suppressed Improvised Explosive Devices. He then served 13 months as Senior Advisor to the Afghanistan Major Crimes Task Force. And finally, Chris served for three years as a Senior Advisor to the United Nations Police Mission in Liberia, Africa.  In this role, Chris advised, mentored, and trained the Liberia National Police Investigations Division and the Liberia National Police Office of Professional Conduct.

Chris Holland holds a Master’s degree in Safety Management from University of Central Missouri, and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Missouri. He is also a graduate of the FBI Agents Academy, the City of Saint Louis Police Academy, and the United States Army Military Police School. Chris currently teaches graduate level courses in Emerging Global Threats at George Washington University. He is also a certified instructor in the following areas:

  • Anti-Terrorism Instructor
  • Active Shooter Instructor
  • FBI General Police Instructor
  • Workplace Violence Instructor
  • Peace Officer Standards & Training Police Instructor

In addition to consulting with Gilbertson Investigations as an Expert Witness in federal law enforcement practices and procedures, Chris owns and operates Holland & Associates, a private security consulting firm which focuses on training federal, state, and local law enforcement officers in Kinesic Interview and Interrogation techniques. He also consults with law enforcement agencies and private institutions on matters involving crimes against children.

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