D. Glenn Foster – Police Trainer, Author, Homicide Investigator, & “Father of Kinesic Interviews”

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The Kinesic Interview Technique
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Cold-Case Homicide Investigations

D. Glenn Foster, the father of the Kinesic Interview Technique, is the recognized expert, practitioner, and teacher of this renowned interview and interrogation system. A born teacher, Glenn initially put his Bachelor’s degree from Auburn University, and later his Masters degree, to good use teaching high school in Georgia. However, the financial demands of a young family found him turning to police work. Serving first with the Atlanta Police Department and then as a polygraph examiner, Glenn launched himself into a lifelong study of the deceptive behaviors of humans under stress.

Teaming up with Frederick. C. Link, they originated the Kinesic Interview Technique. The publication of their 1980 book by the same name established the early Kinesic principles. Glenn continued to develop the Kinesic Interview Technique while working as a consulting investigator/interviewer for both law enforcement agencies and private organizations. As his reputation for effortlessly extracting information that solved difficult cases spread, so did the demand for him to share his interview and interrogation techniques with law enforcement officers nationwide.

Over the last 40 years Glenn has instructed thousands of law enforcement personnel to include U.S. Army Counter Intelligence agents, U.S. State Department personnel, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Mexican Police kidnapping units, State Farm Insurance investigators, Blue Cross Blue Shield fraud investigators, bomb squad officers, arson investigators, and hundreds of local, state, and federal law enforcement officers. Glenn has also taught professional bodies of judges, trial attorneys, psychiatrists and psychologists, and lectured throughout Europe on the topic of behavioral analysis. (Click here for Sample of Agencies and Organizations Trained)

In 1994 Glenn collaborated with Mary Marshall in adapting his Kinesic Interview Technique to the world of personal relationships. Their collaboration resulted in the best-selling book. (How Can I Get Through To You?)  Translations of this book have enhanced Glenn’s reputation in Europe and Asia alike.

In the last few years, while working cold case homicides, Glenn has concentrated on developing his Kinesic Statement Analysis Technique.  KSAT is the deconstruction of the conscious and subconscious behaviors a deceptive subject evinces when speaking and/or writing. This can be read and interpreted in handwritten statements, transcripts, audio and video interviews. (NB. It is not graphoanalysis or graphology). 

Gilbertson Investigations clients will receive an in-depth report covering:

  • Identification of suspects and deceptive witnesses: exactly at what points in a statement and in relation to which specific matter/s a subject is lying.
  • Insight into the subject’s psyche: identification of subject’s personality type and, where it exists, any underlying personality disorder, criminal motivation, mindset (for handwritten statements only).
  • A suggested interviewing strategy for getting the truth from each deceptive subject: tactics for opening up the deceptive subject through understanding of his/her individual mindset and application of a rule system tailored to the particular subject.

Today, Glenn continues writing, teaching, consulting, and investigating cold-case homicides for local, state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies worldwide.

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