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Professor Gregory Gilbertson has consulted as an expert witness with attorneys and clients in 14 states on 70 cases in just four years. He has provided insightful analysis and opinion on incidents involving police excessive force, false arrest, officer misconduct, police pursuits, self-defense, abuse of authority, and wrongful terminations. He has testified as a police expert witness in over two-dozen depositions, civil, and criminal trials in both state and federal courts. Two decades of college and university teaching experience enables Greg to explain complex incidents, concepts, and issues to jurors in a manner they can easily understand.

As a subject matter expert in police practices and procedures for the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Defense, Greg deployed for 13 months to Kabul, Afghanistan writing police policy and serving as Senior Mentor and NATO Liaison to the Commander of the Afghan National Police Academy. In Baghdad, Iraq he initially authored academic curriculum for the Baghdad Police College, and then served as Deputy Director of the United Kingdom’s Basrah Police Academy. He may be the only American professor to serve as a civilian police trainer in both Iraq and Afghanistan during time of war. While living in Kabul, Baghdad, and Basrah for over two years, Greg’s operational areas were routinely attacked by insurgents with rockets, mortars, car bombs, sniper, and small arms fire.

During a career spanning over three decades, Greg has been recognized as a Distinguished Military Graduate of the U.S. Army Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Georgia. While in the Army, he served as a commissioned officer of infantry soldiers. Greg then became a police officer with the cities of Atlanta and La Grange, Georgia. In Atlanta, Greg served as a Zone 3 police patrolman. As a La Grange police officer, he served as a SWAT team tactical officer, senior patrolman (Corporal) , stakeout squad member, school resource officer, and superior court investigator assigned to juvenile court. He also completed the following specialized training courses:

  • Tactical Rifle
  • Tactical Shotgun
  • SWAT Certification
  • Criminal Procedures
  • SWAT Submachine Gun
  • VIP Executive Protection
  • U.S. Army Special Weapons & Tactics

Duty related injuries and two major orthopedic surgeries ended Greg’s law enforcement career after only eight years. He then became a tenured criminal justice professor, licensed private investigator specializing in criminal defense casework, international police trainer, and Guardian ad Litem. Greg has been a full-time, tenured professor at Centralia College since 1999. He currently serves as the faculty director of the criminal justice program. 

He has designed and developed an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice for Centralia College, and recently spearheaded Washington State’s first “Crosswalk” degree program for working police officers, deputy sheriffs, and state troopers. The Centralia College “Crosswalk”program awards 45 credits to working police officers for their academy training and work experience. Under Professor Gilbertson’s leadership, Centralia College was recently recognized by as having one of the “Top 10” criminal justice programs in the United States.

Greg has also instructed criminal justice courses for a combined total of 17 years at Saint Martin’s University, Brandman University, and South Puget Sound Community Collge. He holds a Master’s degree in Justice Administration from Columbus State University and a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Washington. Greg has also been a contributor to NewsMaxTV, the Gannet Newspapers, the Associated Press,, the Washington Post, and many other newspaper, television, and radio outlets nationwide.

To date, Professor Gilbertson has testified as an expert witness in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington before Judge Thomas Zilly, Judge Richard Jones, and Judge Marsha Pechman. Most recently, Greg testified as a use of force expert for plaintiff’s attorney James Bible in the case of Josiah Hunter v. The Federal Way Police Department. This incident involved the use of a Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint, sometimes referred to as a “choke hold.” In this matter, the jury entered a judgment for the plaintiff in the amount of $640,000.00 for excessive force.

Testimonials: The following individuals endorse Professor Gilbertson as an expert witness in civil rights and criminal defense casework:

Darryl Parker, Attorney at Law, Seattle, WA: “Professor Greg Gilbertson has twice served as my retained expert in search and seizure and false arrest cases. His analysis and opinions were always spot on. I was most impressed with his willingness to take on and process a considerable amount of information. Methodical and thorough, he took the time to interview each client and determine for himself the veracity of the information they provided. His work ethic is extraordinary, and his credentials are unassailable. I would not hesitate to work with him again and highly recommend him to other attorneys.”

Patrick Trudell, Attorney at Law, Seattle, WA: I am a personal injury trial lawyer who has been trying cases in King and Snohomish Counties for over 30 years. I have worked with many experts including Police Misconduct Expert Professor Gregory Gilbertson. Professor Gilbertson was our expert witness in 2017 for a 42 U.S.C. 1983 case at the United States Federal District Court for the Western District of Washington. This case proceeded to a jury trial.

My co-counsel and I met with Professor Gilbertson at a local college. Professor Gilbertson was prepared for our meeting. He listened to our input on the facts of the case, took time to insure his understanding was accurate, and provided input on the police conduct in our case.  He also provided us with guidance on his direct examination, and on our cross examination of the respondent’s expert witness. We were never rushed and were able to bond with him as our expert. He left us knowing he was available for other pre-trial work.

Professor Gilbertson arrived early for his trial testimony. His direct examination went well. He engaged with the jury, his testimony was solid, and he was did not over advocate. On cross examination Professor Gilbertson was consistent in his testimony and his demeanor. He was a solid expert witness who testified with credibility. I recommend Professor Gilbertson as an expert witness in any case involving police misconduct and practice issues. We look forward to working with Professor Gilbertson in the future.”

Dr. Stephen Pidgeon, Ph.D., Attorney at Law, Everett, WA: Professor Gilbertson has again brought a high level of professionalism and competence to bear as an expert witness in our most difficult murder trial. Once the opposition made demands for a rushed expert witness opinion, Professor Gilbertson not only responded quickly, but eloquently, and his language and conclusion were dis-positive, the trial judge mentioning its credibility in hearings. We considered Professor Gilbertson’s contribution to be highly effective, and we intend to use him again when the necessity arises.” 

Michael Blanchard, Attorney at Law, New London, CT: “We used Professor Gilbertson as an expert witness in a criminal trial where self-defense was the primary issue. Greg was accessible, prompt, and thorough. He explained “use of force” and “self-defense” in a manner the jury easily understood. Greg’s testimony was an integral factor in achieving a not guilty verdict.” 

Nicholas Krakana, Scottsdale, AZ: “I reside in a gated community in Scottsdale, Arizona. My family and I were victims of a violent, warrantless forced entry of our home, based upon false pretenses, by the Scottsdale Police Department SWAT Team. We were then subjected to excessive force, false arrest, and defamation of character. Fortunately, I found Professor Gilbertson’s web site online, read his credentials, and contacted him. Professor Gilbertson was receptive and empathetic to my situation. I hired him to examine the facts and circumstances of my case. I am very pleased I did. His expertise and insight uncovered legal findings that solidified my position of victimization by the Scottsdale Police Department. Professor Gilbertson genuinely cares, and worked diligently on my case. I recommend Professor Gilbertson to anyone in need of his expertise.”

Greg resides with his wife Julie in Olympia, Washington. He is available for casework anywhere in the United States.

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