Samuel Small – Information Technology Director & Computer Forensics Expert

Expert Witness & Consultant

Information Technology (I.T.)
Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
Computer Forensics
Social Media Analysis
Software Development

Samuel Small is a computer data and software development expert. He has developed software for the world wide web for two decades, and currently serves as the Director of Information Technology at Centralia College. Sam holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Heritage University and is currently completing a Masters degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Computational Intelligence at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Sam has coupled his knowledge of artificial intelligence and the world wide web to provide expert insights and analysis to document and web analysis. He is presently developing the use of artificial intelligence to detect financial fraud and locate missing persons by analyzing writings posted to various social media platforms and web sites.  The application of AI is one of Sam’s many specialties and provides his clients with a unique and powerful tool relevant to many legal issues.

Sam’s has significant experience in data and data systems related to accounting, taxes, higher education, and healthcare informatics. His ability to extract insight from disparate and disorganized data systems is remarkable.

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